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Eamon Tuhami

Eamon Tuhami


Hwyl Ventures

In 2020 Eamon returned to Wales. He created Hwyl.Ventures with a focus on helping startups raise money, build better and scale faster.

Leveraging this experience, Eamon sits on the board of FinTech Wales where he has lead the strategy, helped gain CCR funding and established the Foundry and an impactful FinTech accelerator.

Beyond fintech he is DIT’s Dealmaker for Wales, spreading the hwyl on the international stage and encouraging global scaling business to HQ here. 

In 2022 alone Eamon has promoted Wales in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Istanbul, Lagos, Accra, Dublin and Lisbon.  This has resulted in several startups now moving to Wales with an even more impressive pipeline to come.

As a DevBanc Lead Investor he has invested in several Welsh startups such as Ship Shape, Voltric, Final Rentals and Love to Visit.

Importantly Eamon has also directly supported the programmes run by Global Welsh, Clwstr and Tramshed Tech where you can often find him showing around international startups.

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