Cardiff Capital Region’s Business Conference

Giorgia Tomasello

Chief Product Officer


 Giorgia Tomasello has been the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Trovalo since February 2022. The aim of Trovalo is to create a centralised marketplace where companies can find and provide data in a more efficient way. Trovalo was born during Giorgia’s time at the Alacrity Foundation and is co-founded by Oliver Hale (CEO) and Curtis Mills (CTO).

Giorgia is also the founder of The Founding Women, a group of young female entrepreneurs who help each other in their journey. Through The Founding Women, female entrepreneurs can exchange advice, share their stories and the potential problems experienced during their entrepreneurship adventure. The aim of the group is not only to help existing female entrepreneurs, but also to inspire young girls through webinars, inspirational videos, blog posts etc. to pursue this path.

Giorgia has a particular interest for product management, User Interface and User Experience. Giorgia is also passionate about Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), an interest developed during the time she spent studying for her Masters in International Relations at King’s College London.

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